Advice for writing medical language or scenes

It is important for all writers—novelists, essayists, memoirists and bloggers inclusive—to be believable.

Writing medical language

Medical terminology is a language of its own and can sound inauthentic when used incorrectly.

If you are writing about medical conditions, investigations, operations or types of medications, I can help you word and edit such text to make it sound authentic.

Writing medical dialogue

If you are writing a scene involving dialogue between doctors,  patients and doctors, and/or nurses and doctors, I can help you write convincing dialogue that won’t sound stilted, fake or amateurish.

Writing medical scenes

If you are constructing a medical scene, I can advise you if it is viable or unrealistic and help you to gain a sense of:

  • patients—the ill, the dying, the injured, the loved ones
  • medical staff members’ perspectives
  • medical settings—an emergency room, an operating theatre, a car accident, the back of an ambulance
  • particular illnesses
  • particular medications or operations and their side effects and complications.

If you think that my skills and knowledge can benefit your project or manuscript, please contact me to discuss.