Medical writing

Stethoscope on open textbook

I am able to combine medical knowledge with expertise in writing and editing.

I have experience in clinical medicine, medical teaching and medical writing.

Through specialising in Emergency Medicine, I have a broad generalist’s knowledge of all aspects of medicine, surgery and psychiatry. I have been trained to interrogate, research and document information accurately and concisely.

Medical writing services:

  • Patient information
  • Web content
  • Clinical expert reports
  • Protocols
  • Clinical pathways
  • Informed consent forms
  • Presentations including powerpoint or posters
  • Abstracts
  • Journal manuscripts
  • Literature reviews

I am able to write for the general public; for example:

  • public educational presentations
  • patient information pamphlets.

I can also write highly technical medical language; for example:

  • specialised medical text
  • journal articles.

Special interest areas:

  • alcohol and recreational drug misuse especially:
    • gamma-hydroxy butyrate ‘GHB’
    • ecstasy and related drugs ‘ERDS’ or ‘party drugs’
  • acute behavioural disturbance
  • toxicology

I have had broad experience in other areas of medicine, including:

  • Critical care, resuscitation and anaesthesia
  • Psychiatry
  • Trauma and injuries
  • Indigenous Health
  • Medical ethics

My attributes:

  • Professional background as a specialist in Emergency Medicine
  • Medical writing and editing work at Mi-tec Medical Publishing—producing comprehensive patient information pamphlets
  • Experience in higher education, teaching university students up to specialists in continuing medical education (CME)
  • Meticulous practices, high quality work
  • Punctuality and reliability

If you think that my skills and knowledge can benefit your project or manuscript, please contact me to discuss.

Please be advised that I will not write promotional or sponsored material for pharmaceutical or other product marketing.